Our mission is to create life enriching communities by embracing all generations through innovative services and programs.



Positive interactions between youth and older adults create ties that last a lifetime.

A mission that transcends the ages

Intergenerational Living & Health Care, Inc. (ILHC) is a 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(2) nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that brings all ages together, bridging learning and living with programs, activities and services.

Through our mission, we work to strengthen connections and understanding between generations, provide educational opportunities for children, enhance well-being for both children and older adults, and serve all individuals regardless of background or resources.

Bringing together people of all ages is an important focus of ILHC. Children learn from the experiences and encouragement of seniors, while the children’s wonder and boundless enthusiasm helps to keep seniors young at heart.



Encouraging seniors and children to learn from one another through the experience of working together. We believe that building connections between generations is important for growth and development.

Programs with heart

The programs, activities, theater productions and curriculum in our senior living communities are at the heart of our mission. Some activities include intergenerational visits and events hosted in the senior living community for local children, and storytelling programs where seniors share or read tales to the visiting young children. Intergenerational Theatre Productions™ provides community theater opportunities for children, teens and seniors to share the stage in plays that are open to the public. Art Across the Ages™ brings seniors and children together through art classes that offer watercolors, drawing, and other forms of creative expression.



All individuals should be encouraged to stay active in their community and achieve rich, fulfilling lives that provide a deep sense of personal worth, regardless of age.

We Believe

Uniting the wisdom of age with the energy of youth will positively shape family values. Explore Our Communities